Over many years, Sebastien Lathuile has been an inspirational speaker for international luxury brands in China who were keen to share to with their associates an insight into the mind and spirit of a French Artisan. Using flowers as a medium, Sebastien demonstrates the viewpoint of the craftsman.

A training module called "The Art of Attention to Detail" was originally created for Louis Vuitton and was undertaken by over 300 employees of all ranks. Flowers, as a gift from God, are widely used throughout life, across cultures and are luxurious by nature. The art of arranging flowers to fit perfectly with a venue, to use floristry to express a feeling; these are the focuses from which the 3-hour-classes on flower arranging and discussion begin.

During the class, we discuss the specificities of French craftsmanship and, often, the conclusion is this: "No luxury without respect." It is only by understanding the inner creative world and professional beliefs of Artisans that Sales Associates can fully communicate with their clients about the inner beauty and art that goes into their products. Sebastien talks from 25 years of international experience and has effectively created programs for teaching employees at Dior Haute-Joaillerie, Dolce and Gabbana and Panerai.

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- The Art of Attention to Detail -
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