The designs from SEBASTIEN® lend themselves well to offices and corporate headquarters as well as to stores, boutiques, hotels, event venues and homes. The talented Artisan behind the company, Sebastien Lathuile is proud to have supplied his incredible arrangements and superior services to some of the best corporations in the world, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Huawei.

The style and color schemes are masterfully created to suit the corporation's identity and design features, enhancing the official surroundings with an air of corporate sophistication. These floral masterpieces not only make a stunning first impression but will also leave a long-lasting visual inspiration.

SEBASTIEN® also offer highly acclaimed flower arranging classes and training programs for corporate employees and VIP clients. You can call us to discuss what kind of class you're looking for, and we will choose the best program for you.

Whatever you're looking for, SEBASTIEN® can guarantee that its class attendees will feel enlightened and better equipped for creating the finest bouquets and arrangements. With each creation, students will feel a true appreciation of French Floral Artistry.

Whether it's training or flower arrangements, you'll find every service from us a pleasure. Your company will be in good hands and surrounded by artistically crafted floral creations. Let's talk!

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