The finest in French floral artistry is what people see at the flower shows and exhibitions that Sebastien is invited to organize. A fresh and innovative approach to flowers, the use of unusual materials combined with a sense of colors and textures set Sebastien's work apart from the local designers.

From a few hours in front of a captivated audience to a long exhibition like one organized for the famous Japanese Department Store brand Takashimaya the options are numerous. Whatever your flower show needs, Sebastian has a track record for his ability to adapt to new ideas and to deliver impeccably.

Sebastien comes from a background which boasts 25 years of experience as a successful and highly sought-after French Floral Artisan,. His passion for the floral craft is evident in his displays. Any theme you want your show to create, Sebastien can fit into your vision, while maintaining his French influences.

Call us to discuss your dream event and we will design a solution worthy of a crowd.

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