Observed worldwide, Christmas brings out warm feelings, with thoughts of family gatherings and end of year celebrations. At any Christmas event, big or small, the festive decorations take center stage. Symbolic of everything Christmas, the decorations should cause a delightful stir.

This is where the French expertise of Sebastien makes all the difference. His ingrained talent for seemingly effortless, but eye-catching statements have graced the foyers of 5-star resorts and hotels in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Bali.

SEBASTIEN® received the worldwide award for Best Christmas Tree in 2011. For the third edition of this in-house competition led by Sofitel Luxury Hotels Group, the jury commented on the precedent that SEBASTIEN® had set for future competitors.

The loyalty of our clients is the best testimony of our themed and hand-made approach to Christmas. SEBASTIEN® now delivers a true western Christmas all over Asia. Call us to create your next show-stopping Christmas.

SEBASTIEN® is also looking for investors to create a company specializing in Christmas decoration solutions for 5 star hotel groups in China and Thailand. If you are interested, please contact Sebastien so we can discuss our cutting-edge business plan.

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