• Xmas in on the way
    13 August 2015
    Today is the official starting day of the Christmas season.
    Sounds early? Well, our long standing clients in Shanghai want to secure our talents at Xmas decoration for their 5 star hotels. 

    Our first meeting is schedule today with an hotel that has been our faithful client for the past 4 years already.
    This theme for this coming season will be discussed and passed on to Sebastien for creative translation into European style Christmas, with custom-made items, hand-crafted by skills hands to decorate the hotel's  7 meter tall Xmas trees, meters of garlands, wreaths and all the other arrangements that decorated lobbies and restaurants.
    That is only one of many hotels! Many will follow. In June we have already prepared a proposal for 3 hotels of the North of China

    We are working on our Xmas brochure as I write this post. 
    Please request yours by sending us an email at contact@sebastien.asia.
    In the meantime appreciate the quality of our work on this website
  • Today, Bertrand Stark, the talented photographer is shooting in Shanghai a short movie with our book Haute Couture Florale as the main character.
    The Photo Maestro of our book has also developed a new and already recognised talent in moving pictures. The wonderful model hails from Ukraine and has beautiful hands. "Great to turn pages" said Bertrand. Stay tune to know when it will be released. In the meantime, do have a look at Bertrand's own website.
  • Miss Universe Thailand 2015 just took placed over the weekend. A national event watched by millions all over the country, the show was a display of beauty, grace and elegance. Channel 3 commissioned SEBASTIEN® FRENCH FLORAL DESIGN to create the bouquets what were offered to the winners. Sebastien had chosen a bright selection of Curcuma, Orchids and blue Hydrangea. We warmly congratulate Aniporn Chalermburanawong for her beautiful victory. This was also the occasion for the viewers to discover our SEBASTIEN® FRENCH FLORAL DESIGN logo on their screen.
  • SEBASTIEN® FRENCH FLORAL DESIGN is proud to present to you its new partnership with Asia Books. Included in its items for sale, Asia Books is stocking Sebastien Lathuile's first book of floral arrangement photographs, Haute Couture Florale. If you are in Bangkok you can find the book in the following bookshops otherwise you can buy it from our website: http://www.hautecoutureflorale.com/
  • Sebastien Lathuile's first floral book is now launched!! Discover the world of luxury floral beauty at www.hautecoutureflorale.com/
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