With over 10 years presence in China and Hong-Kong and a newly branch opened in the spring of 2015 in Thailand SEBASTIEN® French Floral Design presents the very best in floral design, with expertise in delivering employee training, flower shows and bespoke floral arranging concepts for your premises or photo-shoot.
At the very heart of company, Sebastien Lathuile has pioneered the Asian market and left imprints of his work around the globe. The highly accredited Floral Artisan brings 25 years of impressive experience working in London and Shanghai for clients of the highest pedigree. Combining this experience and passion for designs, SEBASTIEN® offers a service incomparable to local companies.  

With an ever-growing range of services, SEBASTIEN® is currently able to carry out projects for flower shows, demonstration classes, branding and corporate events, photo-shoots and concept creation for magnificent weddings.  

Representing everything supreme about its founder, SEBASTIEN® can tailor its arrangements and services to every purpose, while upholding the French floral inspirations that keep it unique.

SEBASTIEN® is especially interested to meet serious investors who truly believe in the uniqueness of the French Flower Power concept and its marketability on the Asian market.
  • The high quality and ingenuity of your flower arrangements, already well-known, is the mirror of the French tradition
    and know-how in China.
    Former president of the National Assembly, France
  • Let's Sébastien amaze you with all the possibilities that can be realized in the world of flowers

  • "Thank you for this beautiful flower arrangement.
    What a talent!
    Former International Investments Delegate Ambassador,
    VP General Electric International, France

    Senior Advisor, Protocol Bureau of Hillary Clinton
  • Since coming to Shanghai in 2004, Sebastien has become one of the most talked-about floral designers in China today.


  • French floral artist watches his enterprise blossom.

    Hong Kong
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